Ted Vieira (tedvieira)

Mood • Feel • Story

These elements are the most important aspects I want to see in my photography. Technical aspects are great, but they mean very little to me when compared to the impact I get when looking at a photo that has either a great sense of story or a strong emotional element – or hopefully both.

Mood, feel; emotional connection is really the primary element and the most important part of a photo for me. The more authentic emotion a photo can convey through the mood and the overall feel of the photo, the stronger the image.

I really appreciate seeing a photo that tells a story. It’s the thing that makes someone keep coming back to look at the photo again. And the cool thing is, it can be a different story for each person who views the photo.

I hope you enjoy the work that you find here. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Collection: Film Photography Projects

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